Wednesday, 30 January 2013

POSH AND SNOBBISH, there you are!!!

Yes, I went to Cambridge for the first time last Sunday. I knew a person who was living there so she showed me around. The city was full of CAMBRIDGE UNI-SMELL. There were many colleges merging into the town. Very quite atmosphere, I guess for the students to study well. Living in London, I hear the sound of the ambulance almost every day. I cannot imagine London as a quite city. However, Cambridge had few nightclubs and places where student can fool around ( Sorry I didn't know well, but I can guess from the sight). To enter the colleges, they required some money even though we were not going into the building. Cambridge owns many houses around the city, too. They even own some houses or flats in London to run their business. Yes, it was a perfect place to study and calm down and think about philosophy, but at the same time, I couldn't imagine this place without spending so much money. We students in London might pay for going out at night or eating junk food or paying the bill of our flats and dorms. But this was a whole different story. Every old building, statue, field, book, garden, gate, and so on, there was money and pride behind it. And then I realized that it is a hierarchal world. The educated must have money. Because of the diversity of the students in SOAS, I sometimes forget that UK is still a class divided society until a came to Cambridge. This was representative of the wealth or the future wealth. That is when the word posh naturally came into my mind. I enjoyed Cambridge and was fascinated to see another side of education, but I was relieved when I came back to London and saw the redbus rushing into the streets, people dressed whatever they wanted, dirts on the streets, and of course noisy sound of the ambulance. For me, this was the real world where people are living and suffering and all those feelings are just squeezed into one small space. The big city, London. Welcome back, me! ( And I have to say that, for each person, their Real world is different and I understand that, its just Cambridge was not my type:))

I went to the house of the curator of TATE. I guess he is dead already but the house remained as a gallery. It was creative and beautiful. My dream house was there. I enjoyed this moment the best.

Here are some pictures of Cambridge uni colleges and TATE curator's house...


Monday, 21 January 2013

How important are Japanese lives?

Seven dead Japanese were announced in the news yesterday in Algeria. It was a surprise since the news were telling there were some hopes for them. The Japanese workers in Algeria were held hostage for about a week and then found dead. This became a big news in Japan and so many people were sorrowful about this. 

I heard this from my friend in Japan and quickly searched on the website called Asahi is one of the major newspaper companies and I regularly read their news online when I am abroad. I prefer this company because it is slightly left but almost the middle, if you know what I mean. 

Then I was more shocked to see the headlines and the words written.

" The Seven dead Japanese told by Japanese PM"

"Seven Japanese dead, three non-Japanese dead."

I was shocked because of how they reported the news. It was as if the Japanese lives were more important than any other nation's people's lives. Of course I felt sad and horrified by the news but it looked like I have to feel this way because I was Japanese and they are Japanese. Other people's lives were mentioned as Non-Japanese's lives. Non-Japanese was my translation and actually they wrote "gaijin" which literally means alien.  They were only the numbers of the dead. But for Japanese, it was more like our siblings or families were dead. 

I understand that the government have to take care of their citizens first but why do we have to care only about our country? We can never compare the lives of people to determine which is more important. However, people are unconsciously doing this. 

Globalization is accelerating and we often realize how we cannot think nationally any more in many cases. However, we are still trapped in the nationalistic ideas at the same time. Don't take it for granted that you need to care only about your nation. The real problem is behind that.

May all the people who suffered from this incident rest in peace. And I wish the missing people to be found as soon as possible. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Today I went to TATE again. My friend's friend came to study and work here for a month. So I met him for the first time and showed TATE around. It was freezing outside and we needed a place to stay for a long time.

His occupation was concerning medical issues which was not my field at all. I tried to ask as many questions as possible because I can't help knowing what I've never studied before. It was interesting because we came to a point that helping developing countries which I want to do in the future, and helping the patient was kind of a similar job although they look so different.

After our deep conversation, we headed to TATE to enjoy some art pieces. The two exhibitions were Daido Moriyama and Klein's photography and The bigger splash. I enjoyed Daido's art pieces the most. I like how he doesn't hesitate to take pictures. His works are like the sliced cheese which is eaten at the best moment. I don't know if I made myself understood by saying this, but well... I just was attracted to his works.

Also I couldn't help taking the photos of people watching or not watching the art. I wish there was no sound on my ipod touch! The perverted Japanese should be responsible for this you know!!!!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


 The killer smile
 The attractive
 The brave
 The trigger
 The unknown
 The Chinese speakers
 The believer
 The story teller
 The peter pan
 The honest
 The reader
 The dreamer
 The happy
 The hippy
 The Dinwiddies
The rainbow
The distance

Saatchi Gallery

I went to Saatchi Gallery today with my friends. The pieces were from Moscow and most of them were depressing. But I found out that I like to go to museums because I like to see the people looking at the art works. They are sometimes, fashionable, crazy, sophisticated, and unique. I took some pictures which I thought I can share with you.