Saturday, 19 January 2013


Today I went to TATE again. My friend's friend came to study and work here for a month. So I met him for the first time and showed TATE around. It was freezing outside and we needed a place to stay for a long time.

His occupation was concerning medical issues which was not my field at all. I tried to ask as many questions as possible because I can't help knowing what I've never studied before. It was interesting because we came to a point that helping developing countries which I want to do in the future, and helping the patient was kind of a similar job although they look so different.

After our deep conversation, we headed to TATE to enjoy some art pieces. The two exhibitions were Daido Moriyama and Klein's photography and The bigger splash. I enjoyed Daido's art pieces the most. I like how he doesn't hesitate to take pictures. His works are like the sliced cheese which is eaten at the best moment. I don't know if I made myself understood by saying this, but well... I just was attracted to his works.

Also I couldn't help taking the photos of people watching or not watching the art. I wish there was no sound on my ipod touch! The perverted Japanese should be responsible for this you know!!!!

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