Saturday, 1 September 2012

Money, Honey

Although, I can think of sooo many complains about this country, (for example, the elevator that is always out of order, the shower that suddenly stops, the food that I have never ever tasted before, the high transportation cost, and so on...) I am in love with this city, London.

Not only the view of the city but also how people are living their lives. So many kinds of people(more variety of people than in Japan!) are living in the same place and helping each other. So I don't feel like an outsider of foreigner at all. I quickly merged into the city( I hope!) Now I really need to focus on my British English,lol.

This is quite a different story but I learned something useful today. It may be an information that every body knows but I heard it for the first time so I will tell you secretly, haha. In UK, there are so many times that you need to pay online. The dorm, school fee, casual shopping, and even the laundry!! So isn't it quite dangerous to type in your credit number each time? There is a useful website that you can use.

It is called "PAY PAL." You only need to type in your credit card number here and then when you pay to other websites, you type your id number and password of pay pal and it will automatically pay it for you. So basically typing the credit number will only be once. This pay pal is a company connected to e-bay so it is not a small company.

However, I am sometimes surprised how people don't have any hesitation using their credit card or paying online. I will still try to stick with cash but after the exchange studies, nobody knows.... I might be bankrupt by using too many credit cards!!!

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