Saturday, 1 September 2012

Berlusconi and Macau

The pre-sessional courses finally started today. We only did an orientation and introduced ourselves to the class. There was also a campus tour but SOAS is quite small so it didn't take that much time. Although, living in a different country, I was so tired in the end of the day.

There are morning class and afternoon class, each for 2 hours. The morning class is an usual English language course and the afternoon is a topic free class. I chose Literature and art instead of Development studies, because I knew that I will get so tired of studying it in the main course. I am looking forward to the courses from tmw:)

So I need to talk about what happened today.
We had lunch on the grass on a very unusual sunny day. There were about 6,7 people with different backgrounds and nationalities. First we talked about the Notting hill Carnival and moved on to the big demonstration that occured in Italy last year. The Italian girl started to talk about the election of the new President and every body suddenly started to state their opinion. It was a very unusual situation for me. Since in Japan, talking about politics is not a topic to discuss in a casual lunch. Instead, we tried to talk about TV shows, famous artists, gossips and school work( Maybe mostly this!!) The conversation moved on to Macau's social problem. I was already amazed and felt very happy to study and live abroad:)

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