Sunday, 9 September 2012

Softer than Evian, Harder than Volvic

Long time no see. Back to my blog today.

My stay in London is going to be almost 2 weeks. I found myself pretty settled here. My room looks like a human is actually living here finally. (before, it was like "why are there stuffs in this new room??")  Compared to Kodaira, (the previous dorm I was staying in Japan) it's about three times as big as that. So it usually looks empty and clean. 

So today  I want to talk about water.....
Yes, water. Living in Japan, water is something you take it for granted. You can drink as much as you want at restaurants, bars, friends house, and of course at home. In UK, it's ok to drink the tap water, but sorry the taste is quite bad. Moreover, you need to pay for mineral water in restaurants. If you don't want to pay you can ask for tap water, though. It's sometimes cheaper to drink coke that to drink water.

So to drink a delicious water I have searched tesco (popular supermarket in UK) and tried to find the best.
Before telling you the answer, there was a problem. There are two kinds of water which are hard and soft water. People usually think of sparkling and still water but they are really easy to see the diference so I won't talk about it today. I guess even the British people didn't realize about this. There is hard and soft water. There is a measurement and classification for this, too. 
Usually Japanese water is soft or medium soft about 20 to 100. The mineral waters in UK is usually hard and the tap water is very hard. So I needed to check on the internet which water bottle is soft. 

VOLVIC was the answer!!!! It was only 60! It is a Japanese standard,lol
I thought evian was also soft because it is also sold every where in japan but it was 304 which is quite hard. 
Highland Spring which is popular in Tesco was 122.
And I just found out today that Aqua-pura (cheap in Tesco) was only 27!!! I thought it was hard. So I'll try it next time:)

I found also a good Japanese site that you can easily see the hardness of water. 
There is water which hardness is more than 1000!! All the minerals are for you...

Living in Japan, we forget the importance of water, but it is a serious problem in so many countries. 


  1. This was really helpful for a project I am doing! I need a soft water for natural dyeing and couldnt find this info. Thanks

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  3. This is useful information. Thank you. I have lived in the UK all my life and recently tried to go without shampoo. I tried just using bar soap. From what I've read hard water is terrible for hair so am looking for the softer bottled water.

    Also, I wonder how much softer water filtered through a Brita cartridge is?